13 July 2013

Calling All Zombie Lovers

If there's anything I like MORE than a gory, death-filled zombie movie, it's a spoof-filled gory, death-packed zombie movie!  Go and check out their trailer for Supernatural Activity and just imagine what these fabulously talented people could do to with a zombie movie!

from Kickstarter: Walking With The Dead

From the same guys who brought you Supernatural Activity (on DVD & Netflix!) comes a bigger, bloodier, bitier, high-octane Zombie Comedy.

A bloody and comedic riff of modern-era zombie pop culture, Walking With The Dead stabs at any and every genre convention–WHY are zombies’ skulls so conveniently soft?!–and parodies the best and worst zombie movies and TV shows.

Twitter: @WWTDMovie
Facebook: Walking With The Dead
Kickstarter: Walking With The Dead

1 comment:

  1. Yes, yes, YES!! Thanks for turning me onto this. More Zombies in the word of Martha Stewart "It's a Good Thing."



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