07 August 2013

Book Bloggers Take Over Amsterdam - August 24!

In just over two weeks I will be meeting up with four fabulous ladies in Amsterdam - Karin from My Life, Vicky from Books, Biscuits and Tea, Daisy from Between the Pages and Celine from Nyx Book Reviews.

And, inspired by the BEA Bloggers Picnic in New York, we're going to have a picnic in the Vondelpark on August 24 at 12pm, meeting up at 't Blauwe Theehuis.

If you'll be in or around Amsterdam, or even feel like throwing together an inpromtu trip, come and meet up with us to chat books, blogging and everything in between - the more the merrier!  

You probably won't be able to miss us ;) but if you're like me and worried about walking up to the wrong bunch of people (yes this has happened to me before), just send me a tweet and I'll do the 'we're-over-here-hand-waving-dance' for you!


  1. Boo! Well, not boo because that's awesome but boo because I can't be there! Have fun and say hi to everyone for me! :)

  2. Oh my geez! So jealous. But have fun! Take pictures!



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