28 August 2013

Review: Apocalypse by Phillip W. Simpson

Apocalypse (Rapture Triology #3) by Phillip W. Simpson

Published: 15 February 2013

Pages: 480 (ebook)

Genre/s: Post-apocalyptic, Young Adult

Source: Author for review

My previous reviews for the series: Rapture & Tribulation


The seven years of the Tribulation are almost over. The Apocalypse- the final battle between good and evil - is almost upon us and with it, the end of the world as we know it.

For the last seven years, the half-demon Samael has battled his inner demons as well as the very real demons that inhabit the desolate, ash-shrouded Earth. Betrayed by Heaven and Hell, cursed by the surviving humans that he strives to protect, separated from all those he loves – Sam’s existence is filled with death and despair. 

Now he must make a choice. Continue to fight for those he swore to protect or leave them to their fate and join his father in Hell. The Apocalypse is coming and it isn’t going to wait for Sam to make up his mind.

My Thoughts

I've been putting off reading Apolcalypse for quite some time.  Not that I didn't want to read it, but because I enjoyed the first two books in the series so much and I really didn't want to say goodbye to the characters and world that Phillip Simpson created in the Rapture Trilogy.

Apocalypse takes place during the final three years or so of the Tribulation, follow on directly from the book of the same name.  Whereas Tribulation focused mainly on Sam's journey across post-apocalypic America, Apocalypse begins with Sam recovering from the injuries he sustained at the end of the last book and once again being cast out of a group of survivors.

What I really love about this series is the main character, Sam.  Along with being noble and brave, he is completely human in his characteristics - he has compassion and empathy with the humans he is trying to save.  In all three books, Sam does have quite a bit of self-doubt, although it's understandable considering that he finds acceptance from others very rarely, through no fault of his own.  In Apocalypse it becomes completely overwhelming for him however, and he spends another portion of time alone, and although I like him immensely as a character, there were a few occassions where I wished he would just snap out of it and kick some arse.

As in all three books, the world building is great, and the fight scenes are fabulous - I'm not usually the biggest fan of fight scenes (I tend to skim them most of the time), in Apocalypse, and in fact the whole series, they are detailed enough to get the feeling of action without being too drawn-out.  The amount of work in terms of research and plotting that have been put into the book are very much obvious and makes it incredibly readable.

I was looking forward to the ending at the same time I was wishing it wouldn't come, and one of my pet peeves are endings that are either too quick, or leave questions unanswered, but in Apocalypse there is a perfect balance of build up and climax, followed by an ending that fit completely with the feel of the series.

While I'm sad to say goodbye to Sam and the other characters of the Rapture Trilogy, I've loved reading this series so much, and I can definitely recommend it to anyone that enjoys a good post-apocalyptic story that also has a mix of paranormal elements, great pacing and a main character that although flawed, is incredibly easy to like.


  1. I skimmed your reviews since it's the last for the series, but it's made me curious enough to check out the whole thing and add it to my TBR list, thank you!!

  2. I haven't read this one yet so I skimmed the review. I'm so glad to hear it was worth the read though.



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