20 August 2013

Top Ten Things That Make Your Life As A Reader/Book Blogger Easier

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly feature hosted by The Broke and The Bookish. I heart lists!

I am all about websites and tools to make things easier - although sometimes I have so many different things on the go I forget which needs updating!

Goodreads - Goodreads is responsible for a lot - helping me find zillions of books to add to my TBR or wishlist, letting me access thousands of awesome reviews, meet readers with similar tastes and make lists, and lists and lists of books.  I'd be seriously lost without it!

Amazon UK - I know, I know, Amazon is the root of all evil and the cause of all terrible things in the book world, but Amazon UK is the only way I can get the vast majority of my books.  I've never been into the Amazon forums, but I love the recommendations pages (I can spend hours on them) and the fact that I can find almost any book I want at a non-eye-gouging price.

Audible - I seem to go on and off audio-books, but I've always found Audible to be incredibly easy to use, and with their membership options I can afford to get a couple of audiobooks whenever I want to - without having to live on bread and water to do so!  I love that you can also sample before you buy and that if you really don't like a book, you can return it (which I've never done for some reason!).

The Book Depository - They may be more expensive than Amazon, but this is the only place I can choose which cover I want (most of the time), and are great for pre-orders due to the free shipping.  Yes, the shipping is slow, but I can't really complain seeing as the postage is free!

Collectorz Software - Coincidentally, this software is Dutch (but available in multiple languages), and I really like it for organising my book collections - there are more options than Goodreads for creating lists, and they have a excel-style filter system that I find really intuitive.

Bloglovin' - I was absolutely devastated that Google Reader was shut down and it took me a while to work out which 'new system' was best for me.  I still have issues with Bloglovin' (and their Andriod app is appalling), but it's working for me now, after several months of grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

Twitter - Because it allows me to stalk meet and chat with loads of other bloggers, readers, authors, publicists...the list goes on and on.

Edelweiss - As a website it's kinda overwhelming and sometimes hard to find the right options, but I've come to love it.  And rather than being just about review books, there are also catalogues to drool over and more lists to be made!

A couple of features I've found that are really useful:

On the Review Copies Tab, go to Downloads, and select 'No Review/Feedback'.  There you can see the (scary) list of all the eGalleys you have downloaded and not given feedback for and freak out.

On the Review Copies Tab, go to Requests, and select 'pending' to see what you are still waiting for a reply on, 'approved' to freak you out as much as the no review/feedback section above, and 'declined' to see which publishers don't love you enough (boohoo!).

NetGalley - NetGalley was where I got ALL my eGalleys back in the day - I still remember the excitement of my first NG approval - I was reading a book BEFORE it was released!  I don't use NG as much these days, I got lost with the last big changes that they made, but I'll still pop on there occassionally.

Picasa - Not just limited to books, but I use it to make picture collages for Top Ten and Book Haul posts as I refuse to engage in wars with Blogger to get things formatted and laid out correctly.

What tools help you as a reader/blogger?


  1. Goodreads is what started it all for me, being able to keep track of what books I had read, when did the next book in a series came out... and discovering loads of new books to be read!

    And yeah, NetGalley and Edelweiss are amazing, a pair of years back I had no idea what an ARC was!

  2. Pretty much what you have listed above with the exception of the Dutch software and of course my Amazon is US. I do use Calibre for converting books if I need to and that is pretty awesome. also oddly enough found pinterest to be a great resource for finding books especially those from other countries I might never hear about any other way.

  3. I really need to check out Edelweiss still! Gosh darn it.

  4. I love that Goodreads has been at the top of most people's lists today. I do wish that Amazon wasn't so...skeevy, lol. I use them for most of my books because I can't afford full price anything right now, but I feel terrible for doing it.

  5. Collectorz sounds interesting I'm going to check it out for sure!

  6. I am getting so many new ideas from this week's Top Ten! I hadn't thought about using picasa for cover collages. Thanks.

  7. Audible: I think I'm going to give in and get a membership next time I run out of review audiobooks. There are so many that aren't available any way but digitally and I wants them precious!

    Oh, I totally have Collectorz. But I have gotten behind. I must update my list.




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