23 September 2013

Booking By Numbers

In case you aren't aware, I LOVE surveys. So when I saw that Jess at Jess Hearts Books had done this awesome Booking By Numbers Q&A, I knew I had to do it too. Here's the details in Jess' own words:

Put the number of books on your bookshelf (or if like me you have hundreds of books break it down to 50, 70, 100 - however many books you’d like to play with) into a random number generator this could be via Random Org or simply by pulling numbers out of a hat. For each question draw a number and apply that question to the selected book from your shelf (or wherever you like to store your books.) For example if you pulled the number 11 you’d count across your shelf to the 11th book. It’s as simple as that!

I could have done this with ALL my books, but I wanted to do it with my paperbooks (partly so I had an excuse to count how many I have...which is 321 on the shelves.  More languish in boxes. Oops.)

Q1.) Have you read this book? If so what did you think of it?

#117 - The Eleventh Plague by Jeff Hirsch

I have!  I didn't like it to be honest - great idea, bad execution.  The characters weren't anything special and it was all too nicey-nicey for an apocalypse!

Q2.) Why did you buy this book? Were you recommended it? Was it a random purchase? 

# 276 - Cracked Up to Be by Courtney Summers

After I read This is Not a Test, I was really interested in reading another of Courtney Summers' books as I really liked her writing style and the way that she had me caring rather unlikeable characters.  I think I saw a review of Cracked Up to Be on a blog and decided that would be my next Summers book.

Q3.) Based on what you know about this book which other book blogger would you recommend it to? 

#309 - The Antithesis by Terra Whiteman

Confession time - I had no idea what this book is about - I think I won it when I was just starting blogging, and I think it's a fantasy with a religion-based plot.  So I'm kinda hesitant to recommend it to anyone as religion in books is a pretty personal preference.

Q4.) Who’s this books bookshelf neighbour? 

#303 Partials (Partials Sequence #1) by Dan Wells.

Partials sits next to Rose Under Fire by Elizabeth Wien.  I wonder what they would talk about....I guess the female characters are both (probably for Rose) kick arse...

Q5.) How many books have you read by this book’s author? 

#101 - Looking for Alaska by John Green

I've read two John Green books - Looking for Alaska and The Fault in Our Stars.  I wasn't overwhelmed by Looking for Alaska, sadly :( but I did love The Fault in Our Stars.  I've read 50% of the John Green novels on my shelf - not a bad hit rate considering my TBR!

Q6.) Do you have any special memories attached to this book? 

#91 - Notes from an Exhibition by Patrick Gale.

Not at all. I don't even remember when I bought it - although I have a vague memory it was one of my first Amazon UK orders, when I finally realised that was the best way for me to get English books in the Netherlands.

Q7.) Is this book part of a series? If it is are you up to date with the series? 

#128 - A Midsummer's Nightmare by Kody Keplinger

NOT A SERIES!  I'm pretty surprised as I have so many series on my shelf.  More standalones I say!

Q8.) Is this book something you’d typically read or is it out of your comfort zone?

#83 - The View on the Way Down by Rebecca Wait

The View on the Way Down (I've read this one!) is a family drama set in the UK.  Those are my old bread-and-butter books and I still have a soft spot for them.

Q9.) Have you reviewed this book? If yes then share a link to it. 

#235 - Miss Peregrine's Home For Peculiar Children (Miss Peregrine #1) by Ransom Riggs

 Sadly, no, I haven't read it *ashamed face*.  But I only bought it like a month ago!

Q10.) Where did you buy this book from?

#30 - A Street Cat Named Bob by James Bowen

I bought it from Amazon UK - I know, I know, Amazon is the devil and eats babies for breakfast, but they are cheap - I wish I had cool bookstores around me, but I don't.

Q11.) Roughly how long have you owned this book for? 

#95 Gone (Gone #1) by Michael Grant

Since 18 January 2012.  Pretty specific, huh? ;-)

Q12.) Share the first sentence of this book. 

#197 Witch Hunt by Syd Moore

''They told me not to come."

Hmmm, considering it's a horror book about a witch hunt, they were probably right dude!

Q13.) What’s your opinion on this book’s cover?

#199 The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern

I love this cover - shame I didn't love the book as much, but it's that old combination of red, white and black, and the silhouettes that do it for me.

Q14.) In a few sentences describe this book in your own words. 

#48 All the Rivers Run by Nancy Cato

A girl with a talent for art goes to live with distant family after being orphaned.  She meets a river-boat man, ends up marrying him and travelling the rivers of Australia through good times and bad.  One tough chickie!

That was fun!  Thanks so much Jess for allowing me to use your idea.  Make sure you go and check out her list too.

Do you know how many books you have on your shelves, or are you scared to count? ;-)


  1. I'm scared to count! And also it's kinda impossible because I have many many books in boxes in storage!

    Very interesting survey though!

  2. I really don't have that many, and this looks like fun! :D

  3. Thanks for taking part and for the mention! I'm glad you had fun! I loved reading your answers and getting a peak at your books :)

  4. I love the cover for The Night Circus! Black, white and red just works so well, and actually fits with the story too. :-) All The Rivers Run sounds interesting, I've read so few books set in Australia... need to read more!

  5. This looks like so much fun, and I may have to try it out myself. Although considering the majority of my books aren't on shelves, but our stacked in piles it might be a little difficult. Although I'm thinking I could use goodreads as an easier way to manage it.



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