12 November 2013

Review: Until You're Mine by Samantha Hayes

Until You're Mine by Samantha Hayes

Published: 20 June 2013 by Century

Pages: 416 (hardcover)

Genre/s: Mystery, Thriller

Source: Publisher for review


You're alone. You're vulnerable. And you have something that someone else wants. At any cost...

Claudia seems to have the perfect life.
She's heavily pregnant with a much-wanted baby, she has a loving husband, and a beautiful home.
And then Zoe steps into her life. Zoe has come to help Claudia when her baby arrives.
But there's something about Zoe that Claudia doesn't like. Or trust.
And when she finds Zoe in her bedroom, Claudia's anxiety turns to real fear...

My Thoughts

When I read the synopsis of Until You're Mine, I was immediately curious.  Although not a mother myself, it struck me that a story about a pregnant woman with creepy nanny could be one of those edge-of-my-seat kind of books because the stakes are so very high.  

Until You're Mine is told through three perspectives - Claudia who is finally pregnant with her first child after years of trying and heartbreak, Zoe the nanny who seems too good to be true and Lorraine, the police office investigating a rash of deaths amongst pregnant women in the local area.  Lorraine's perspective was a real surprise, for although she is the investigating officer, she is also having problems in her marriage to Adam, who is also a cop working the same cases as Lorraine.

Unfortunately, Lorraine's perspective, although interesting, actually distracted me from the storyline of Zoe and Claudia and I didn't really see why it was relevant to the story.  It almost felt like it was thrown in as a filler to make the story longer (and at 400 pages it's not exactly a quick read) and it also made it difficult for me to connect with Lorraine because I just wasn't invested in her story.

As for the plot between Claudia and Zoe, that was certainly more what I was looking for - there was definitely an element of mystery and as the story progressed it became more and more captivating as more about Claudia and Zoe's pasts were revealed and the story climaxed in a way I wasn't really expecting.  I didn't see the clues that led up to the ending, although looking back they were there but just cleverly concealed.

Until You're Mine is a good, if slightly predictable in places, thriller, with a lot of mystery and some very clever characterisation.  However, I found the extra perspective irritating rather than adding any value and the ending was a little bit too quick, without the kind of resolution I really needed.


  1. This sounds like my kind of book. I love slow creepiness! Sorry the ending wasn't quite as good as it could be but it still sounds pretty intriguing. I'll have to add this one to my list. Nice review, Kat!

  2. I haven't heard anything about this one but it certainly sounds creepy. That sucks that the other POV didn't add anything. I think that is one of the issues I have with multiple POV books. Unless they offer insight or a unique perspective, I don't see the point.



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