21 January 2014

Top Ten Tuesday: Things On My Reading Wishlist

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly feature hosted by The Broke and The Bookish. I heart lists!

More YA Horror

There are some, but quite often YA Horror novels feel like they are 'sanitised' to be more appropriate for teens.  

More male POVs in YA Fiction

I read several YA novels last year told from a male POV, and although not all were a raging success, I liked them all for being 'different' to the norm - I don't even mind if they aren't particularly likable boys, but I love the variety of reading stories told from a male perspective.

More GLBT characters

David Levithan has dozens of fabulous GLBT characters, and later this week I will be reviewing another YA GLBT book - but there needs to be more!  And not the ones that have stereotypical GLBT characters, please!

More Apocalypses

No I haven't been living under a rock - I know that we are drowning in an avalanche of dystopians, but they are NOT the same as Apocalypses - I want more surviving natural disasters and EMPs and all that juicy stuff.

Dark Themes

I know we don't all want to think about the terrible things that happen in the world, but the reality is that horrible things happen every day.  Although I wouldn't want to read lots of them in a row, I always appreciate books that are shockingly realistic.

Female characters with healthy body and self image

I'm so bored of the typical female heroine that is beautiful and doesn't know it - where are the girls that accept themselves for who they are and what they look like and just get on with being fabulous?

Ethnic diversity on covers AND in books.

Not even going to bother explaining this one.

Brother/Sister relationships

I love books that focus on family relationships, but having only brothers myself, I love the ones that focus on the relationship between brothers and sisters.

Accessible Science-Fiction

Some people love hardcore science fiction, and that's completely awesome.  However, as I'm not really into science, but am infinitely fascinated by space (for example), I'd love some science fiction that's more accessible for the less scientific of us.

Relationships that begin BEFORE the book

I love a good budding romance, but there's also something to be said for couples who are already together when the book begins - especially if their relationship then has to go through all kinds of dramatic stuff.

So that's my Top Ten Reading Wishlist.  What do you wish for?


  1. You have an awesome list! I agree with everything. I love male main characters and I'm always excited when I find a YA book with one. I'm reading a book right now that has a female main character who constantly bad-mouths herself and her figure, but then two seconds later is shoving a tart into her mouth to spite someone. It's incredibly frustrating, because I really like the part of her that's sassy and doesn't care but she reverts right back to insulting herself a page later.

  2. Melbourne on my MindJanuary 21, 2014 at 9:06 AM

    I had a few of yours on my list too (http://www.melbourneonmymind.com/2014/01/ttt-top-ten-things-on-my-reading.html), but I totally agree with the ones that weren't on my list. Especially more YA from a male POV.

  3. Yes to more apocalypses! I prefer those books over dystopian books, but the latter unfortunately is everywhere. I really enjoy the survival story aspect in apocalypse books instead of the revolution type of story in most dystopians.
    I don't think I've read a lot of books where the main characters are already in a relationship (I can't remember any) but that'd be great because it's so different.
    And yeah, I agree with more GLBT characters and more diversity.

  4. I always find it interesting to read a book from a male POV. They sometimes look different at things than a female POV would have done. I'm all in for more family in books, so brother/sister bonds are more than welcome.

  5. I was just thinking about the relationships before the book! I think that would be a refreshing take. How to Take the Ex Out of Ex-Boyfriend is kind of like that. And more brother/sister relationships, please!

  6. That is one great wishlist!

    Check our TTT of this week.

    Leydy @ OUaT & Redcarpetendings

  7. Oh, man - accessible science fiction. Yes, please! I got so turned off by the genre after reading multiple books where I felt like there was some secret language I wasn't understanding!

    I would also like to see more dark YA horror. I agree that a lot of it does feel sanitized.

  8. I pretty much agree with everything on that list!! I really wish there were more male povs. Sometimes I just find that female povs are too whiny and focus too much on things that are not at all important!

    Here is my TTT: http://theirishbookworm.blogspot.ie/2014/01/top-ten-tuesday-things-on-my-reading.html?m=1

  9. GAH! I need to read this, like, ASAP and then we must discuss! Series enders are always difficult to get through because the expectation and anticipation is so high. I'm very glad to hear this one is Kat-approved!

  10. Reviews from a BookwormJanuary 21, 2014 at 11:37 PM

    Great list! I would LOVE more male POVs in young adult! I would love more brother/sister relationships in books too, mainly because I only have sisters so it's nice to see that in books.

    My TTT :)

  11. Oh I am with you on so many of these. I particularly would love to read more sibling stories too! I have a TON of siblings. And relationships that begin before the book would be nice...hehe. Then we don't have to have all that mucky insta-love. Awesome list. :)

  12. I do like when the characters already like each other and you don't have to muddle through the insta love!
    Missie @ A Flurry of Ponderings

  13. Kristin@Blood, Sweat and BooksJanuary 22, 2014 at 4:02 AM

    I definitely agree with all of these especially more YA Horror, Apocalypses & relationships that start prior to the novel. Have you read The Culling yet? Steven dos Santos has crafted a very interesting GLBT story and it was tied for my favorite book last year. So, so, good.

  14. More YA horror and more apocalypses. Yeesssssss. *high-five* Relationships that begin before the book is a good one. I'd love some more standalones personally. I've got so many series going on it's insane. Great list!



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