27 March 2014

Life of a Blogger - Favourite Animals

Life of a Blogger is a weekly feature hosted by Jessi at Novel Heartbeat, which is all about what us bloggers do when we aren't blogging.

This week's topic is favourite animals.  Let's start with a sad story where I tell you that I am not allowed pets in my rental house.  I've always had a pet cat, right up until I moved to the Netherlands, and I still get an urge to kidnap other people's cats even after no having one for six years.

So instead I made friends with all the neighbourhood cats - the only downside being that sometimes their owners move away and therefore the cats also.

I'd post some pictures of my own previous cats but I find it a little depressing, so let's talk about other animals that I love.

ELEPHANTS!  I've always been fascinated by elephants - I even lined up at Melbourne zoo for an hour in 35-degree heat to see a baby elephant a few years ago.  And I used to collect elephant figurines (in fact, they are still packed up at my dad's house).

Frogs - I love frogs so much I have a tattoo of one (also, an elephant tattoo would have been huge-er and more painful that I chose a frog instead!).

I'm pretty much an animal lover no matter what it is (except snakes, eeeep), and I've never been a fan of dogs.  Now, back to my petless existence *sad face*


  1. You're kidding right? NO PETS?! WHHHYYYYYYYY. I love cats! And elephants and frogs! I just love looking at animals because I'm creepy like that. ;) I don't have any of my own pets though. :'( I'd totally want to get a puppy and a parrot though!

  2. I like elephants too. :) I think they're really interesting and they look super cute when they're drawn in the minimalistic style. (Woah, that was random, buuut that's how I roll, I guess.) Cats, eh, not so much. I'm allergic to them. ;) When I was little and sleeping over at a friend's house, a cat jumped on my bed in the middle of the night. Oh gosh. I practically flew that night. lol XD

  3. I have no pets either, my Dad is allergic! It sucks doesn't it! I love your choices, Elephants are beautiful creatures (though I agree would make for a rather painful tattoo haha) and I think Frogs are so much fun!

    Check out my Life Of A Blogger Post

  4. Franny @ Mind ReaderMarch 27, 2014 at 1:39 PM

    I don't have pets either, but it's just because I can't afford one right now. Otherwise I'd already have one! :)
    I had a dog, back in Italy, but he passed away last Easter and I miss him a lot.
    Now... Frogs... I'm not very fond of them. Somehow they make me think of squishy and I'm just... Ewww. :)

  5. You know, I've never had a pet and I've always wanted one. My parents don't like them and they always came up with new excuses, so I gave up. But I'm looking for my own place and I might get a cat <3 I'm not a fan of dogs at all. I think they are gross and most of the times scary.

  6. Elephants are very cool animals. My roommate is obsessed with all things frog, so I tend to get a bit sick of them because I see them so much. :)

    Life of a Blogger [3]

  7. My house has always had at least two animals in it at all times, even when I was a kid. There is always a cat and at least on dog, I think I'd be lost if I didn't have pets. :) My favorite animal is a Cheetah, especially the King Cheetah. They are so amazing! Plus the babies look like they have tiny mohawks. :P

  8. Sorry you can't have pets in your rental house. We own a rental house and we allow cats, but I don't know if we would allow dogs. I've heard a lot of horror stories about pets from other rental house owners, but we've had good renters so far.

  9. Aw, that's kind of sad! Hopefully some day you'll be able to have them again. I used to have some pet frogs, they're pretty cool!



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