25 March 2014

Top Ten Things On My Bookish Bucket List

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly feature hosted by The Broke and The Bookish. I heart lists!

1) Go to BEA.  It's pretty much the holy grail of bookish people and apart from that - NEW YORK.  One day my pretty, one day.

2) Meet one of my favourite authors - even though I'd probably just either a) babble or b) act like a shy 5-year-old and stare at my shoes.

3) Read a Russian classic - War and Peace or Anna Karenina or similar.  Just to say I have.

4) Read the whole Song of Ice and Fire series - I'd intended to do this in 2013, and have kinda planned it into 2014, but .... it's long.

5) Meet my bookish BFF Karin! - Which will happen in a few short weeks.  So excited!

6) Read all the books on my TBR - hahahahahahahahaha *falls off chair* - but I had to put it here because, well, it's a bucket list and bucket lists aren't always things you can easily achieve.

7) Read a book in Dutch - Yep, it will probably be Nijntje but it would still totally count.

8) Work for a publishing company - A bit of a tricky one considering I'm not intending to change my career path any time soon, but might be possible one day.

9) Write something - Blogging has actually scared me off writing - I don't know WHY (in fact, it should perhaps have encouraged me), but one day it would be cool to put an idea into words.

10) Have my own home library - like with wall-to-wall shelves and comfy chairs and no one else except other bookish people are allowed in there.

What's on your Bookish Bucket List?


  1. Thank you Kat, you just made me cry :)
    I cannot wait to finally meet you in 36 or 37 days (I think I skipped a day but I was too lazy to recount)! I cannot believe this is finally happening and I am so happy to call you my BFF <3

  2. Oh, I love this list. ;) I have quite a few the same as you, too (awesome taste, we have, obviously). I'd probably just look at my shoes if I went to an author event too. I'd be that girl that the author would say, "I don't even think she likes my books" when inside I'm FREAKING OUT WITH EXCITEMENT. lol My TTT!

  3. Hahaha, well, Nijntje is awesome so that'd be a legit choice! I totally want a home library too (and I have permission of my boyfriend to dibs a room for it) and for reading the entire TBR... Don't think that's ever going to happen :D

  4. I'd love to go to BEA or YALLFEST too, but I think YALLFEST would be even better since I'd be meeting a bestie by going there (she lives in Charleston). Meeting an author likewise and the home library... oh yes!!

  5. BEA would be on my list too. I have read Anna Karenina and loved it. Hopefully you will too.

  6. I did like how she handled the religion. It didn't seem forced or like a lecture.

    I enjoyed the sibling relationship as well. They weren't close in the conventional sense but that's what made it interesting.

  7. I've been to BEA. It's crazy int he most awesome way and it's made even better by being in NYC.

    At least you're close to #5!!

  8. BEA is something I would love to go to! If Imet a favorite author I would prbably go with your shy approach. My TBR made my list too. Not sure it will ever happen but I and strive for it.

  9. Kristin@Blood, Sweat and BooksMarch 26, 2014 at 2:14 PM

    I have done #2 & #3 but would love to complete #1, #6, #9 & #10 someday. I hope you get to complete the majority of your list in the future!!

  10. The home library thing would be amazing. Comfy chairs and pillows and blankets not optional ;)

  11. We have a mini library in our house, and by that I mean it's the smallest bedroom full of bookshelves. Of course, we've run out of space by now, so instead there's stacks of books everywhere. I'm not quite sure how big of an actual room we'd need to fit them all!



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